What are the major product management trends heading into 2018?

Nis Frome is the co-founder of Alpha, the platform that enables management teams to make data-driven decisions about users, products, and new markets.


Every year, we survey 150+ digital product managers to benchmark and highlight their activities, preferences, and perceptions. It’s been an honor to watch the industry blossom and see the role emerge as one of the hottest in business. Today, there are more conferences, resources, and tools than ever to support product management.

If you’re interested in really leveling up, you can read the full 16-page report here and listen to my interview with The Everyday Innovator. Or check out my brief analysis of the report with three key trends below:

  • Functional experience matters
  • There’s a disconnect between aspirational product management and actual product management
  • The absolute dominance of niche media

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